Why Volumio or similar music player

today I’m using a Raspberry + Hifiberry Digi + Nubert A200 Pro. Audio files are stored on a server.
In general I’m quite happy with this combination. It works well and sound quality is fine.

My question is, if there is a future for these kind of solutions.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to use one of the cheap 8’’ Windows tablets (~100€), like Dell Venue Pro 8 instead of a raspberry/volumio combination?
Cost is slightly higher, but you get:

  • build-In display and soft keyboard
  • USB connection for a DAC
  • battery
  • choice between many audio players (foobar, etc.)
  • raspberry/volumio requires another device for remote control

I think that the sound quality via the USB/DAC should not be worth the Raspi/Volumio combo.
What do I miss? I’m looking forward to your opinons.

Well, I think one of the main points it’s just what you mentioned: the remote controll. The volumio system is meant to be stuffed with very little energy consumption somewhere behind your stereo system and you control it easily from the couch, your worktable or whereever you are.

What you missed else:

  • Possibility for multiroom systems and streaming from a NAS.
  • possibility to use S/Pdif out or I2S DACs circumventing the USB to achieve very good audio quality.
  • reduced computation load which might interfere with audio quality because of st*pid Windows services talking back continously what went wrong and why and what you are currently doing with your tabled and lurking for new updates.

Maybe that helps? Well, I am for sure not the most qualified to answer this question.
Best, stereo…

How are you doing the multiroom?:slight_smile:

Didn’t know about that option here.

Multi room is achieved with LMS and Squeezelite.
Instructions can be found on this forum.