Why Volumio is great

Volumio Team -

You get lots of feedback mostly negative so just wanted to share the following.

I am a top tier subscriber. Not sure what it is called.
I discovered this as one of the few platforms where I could actually play hi res music through my high end stereo. Pi 4 and Audiophonics Dac and a pi3B+ With same DAC and have loved it for Qobuz.

One thing I love is that the monthly subscription gets me new updates so always something to look forward to.

But what I wanted to share is apparently isn’t new. I recalled something about CD ripping and so I thought well maybe I could play a CD. So I tried it with a new CD. And my goodness Volumio and my little Pi3b+ killed it. Plugged my Mac DVD player in and boom it popped up on Volumio software. And then I said well let’s try the rip feature and it downloaded FLAC files. And this was so much fun because for the first time I could compare FLAC to CD. Dare I suggest FLAC was just a tad livelier.

In any event as a newbie this was fun and awesome. Thank you for doing all you do for a nominal price.

Thank you.


The thing is… by definition flac and CD are identical.
If you put 01001100 into a flac files you get out exactly 01001100. By definition. If it is lossy compressed mp3 you might get 01001101 or something else close. That’s the math.