why the volumio2 have ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error?

I use the lastest git clone source for volumio , but when visit the web ui from 3000 port use chrome or firefox , the browser report the :

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error , have any suggest for this :

2016-01-19T09:34:07.402Z - info: -------------------------------------------
2016-01-19T09:34:07.421Z - info: ----- Volumio2 ----
2016-01-19T09:34:07.421Z - info: -------------------------------------------
2016-01-19T09:34:07.422Z - info: ----- System startup ----
2016-01-19T09:34:07.422Z - info: -------------------------------------------
2016-01-19T09:34:07.578Z - info: Loading plugins from folder /adaplayer/app/plugins/
2016-01-19T09:34:07.644Z - info: Loading plugins from folder /data/plugins/
2016-01-19T09:34:07.645Z - info: Loading plugin “system”…
2016-01-19T09:34:07.689Z - info: Loading plugin “network”…
2016-01-19T09:34:07.973Z - info: Loading plugin “networkfs”…
2016-01-19T09:34:08.001Z - info: Loading plugin “services”…
2016-01-19T09:34:08.007Z - info: Loading plugin “volumiodiscovery”…
2016-01-19T09:34:08.962Z - info: Started advertising…
2016-01-19T09:34:08.973Z - info: Loading plugin “alsa_controller”…
2016-01-19T09:34:09.055Z - info: Loading plugin “upnp”…
2016-01-19T09:34:09.813Z - info: [1453196049812] Starting Upmpd Daemon
2016-01-19T09:34:09.868Z - info: Loading plugin “alarm-clock”…
2016-01-19T09:34:10.299Z - info: Loading plugin “albumart”…
2016-01-19T09:34:10.316Z - info: Loading plugin “airplay_emulation”…
2016-01-19T09:34:10.328Z - info: [1453196050327] Starting Shairport Sync
2016-01-19T09:34:10.330Z - info: Loading plugin “dirble”…
2016-01-19T09:34:10.969Z - info: Plugin example_plugin is not enabled
2016-01-19T09:34:10.969Z - info: Loading plugin “mpd”…
2016-01-19T09:34:11.755Z - info: Loading plugin “spop”…
2016-01-19T09:34:11.779Z - info: [1453196051779] ControllerSpop::loadTracklistFromDB
2016-01-19T09:34:11.780Z - info: Loading Spop tracklist from DB…
2016-01-19T09:34:11.785Z - info: Loading plugin “updater_comm”…
2016-01-19T09:34:12.942Z - info: Plugin mpdemulation is not enabled
2016-01-19T09:34:12.942Z - info: Loading plugin “websocket”…
2016-01-19T09:34:14.239Z - info: BOOT COMPLETED
2016-01-19T09:34:14.248Z - info: [1453196054248] CoreStateMachine::resetVolumioState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.249Z - info: [1453196054249] CoreStateMachine::getcurrentVolume
2016-01-19T09:34:14.249Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioRetrievevolume
2016-01-19T09:34:14.271Z - info: [1453196054271] CoreStateMachine::updateTrackBlock
2016-01-19T09:34:14.272Z - info: [1453196054271] CorePlayQueue::getTrackBlock
2016-01-19T09:34:14.310Z - info: SpopD Daemon Started
2016-01-19T09:34:14.315Z - info: MPD running with PID646 ,establishing connection
2016-01-19T09:34:14.450Z - info: [1453196054450] ControllerSpop::pushError(Error: Error reading DB: NotFoundError: Key not found in database [tracklist])
2016-01-19T09:34:14.493Z - info: Setting volume on startup at 50
2016-01-19T09:34:14.496Z - info: [1453196054496] VolumeController:: Volume=51 Mute =false
2016-01-19T09:34:14.498Z - info: [1453196054498] CoreStateMachine::updateVolume10
2016-01-19T09:34:14.499Z - info: [1453196054499] CoreStateMachine::getState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.500Z - info: [1453196054499] CoreStateMachine::pushState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.500Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.500Z - info: [1453196054500] InterfaceWebUI::pushState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.507Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioClearQueue
2016-01-19T09:34:14.508Z - info: [1453196054508] CoreStateMachine::ClearQueue
2016-01-19T09:34:14.508Z - info: [1453196054508] CorePlayQueue::clearPlayQueue
2016-01-19T09:34:14.521Z - info:
[1453196054520] ---------------------------- Client requests Volume 50
2016-01-19T09:34:14.522Z - info: [1453196054522] VolumeController::SetAlsaVolume50
2016-01-19T09:34:14.527Z - info: [1453196054527] ------------------------------ 7ms
2016-01-19T09:34:14.539Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioAddQueueItems
2016-01-19T09:34:14.540Z - info: [1453196054540] CoreStateMachine::addQueueItems
2016-01-19T09:34:14.541Z - info: [1453196054541] CorePlayQueue::addQueueItems
2016-01-19T09:34:14.542Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushQueue
2016-01-19T09:34:14.542Z - info: [1453196054542] InterfaceWebUI::pushQueue
2016-01-19T09:34:14.544Z - info: mDNS: Found device ADAplayer
2016-01-19T09:34:14.549Z - info: [1453196054549] VolumeController::Volume 50
2016-01-19T09:34:14.549Z - info: [1453196054549] CoreStateMachine::updateVolume50
2016-01-19T09:34:14.550Z - info: [1453196054550] CoreStateMachine::getState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.552Z - info: [1453196054551] CoreStateMachine::pushState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.553Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.553Z - info: [1453196054553] InterfaceWebUI::pushState
2016-01-19T09:34:14.559Z - info: mDNS: Found device ADAplayer
2016-01-19T09:34:14.684Z - info: [1453196054683] Shairport-sync error: Error: Command failed: /bin/sh -c sudo systemctl restart airplay
Failed to restart airplay.service: Unit airplay.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

I have the same Problem with the last Volumio 2 Build from github.

If i use the IP:3000/dev I can see the site like this:

If i go to IP:3000/ I get only a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error.
Tested it with Chrome and MS Edge.

Used it on a Pi3 with Debian 8 and the buildscript.
Please help.

have you also clone the webUI ? (only /dist branch)

You clearly did not clone the webui

git clone --depth 1 -b dist --single-branch github.com/volumio/Volumio2-UI.git /volumio/http/www

Please add this information to the documentation: github.com/volumio/Volumio2.
I was asking the same thing here: rc2-hotfix-vmware-virtua-machine-t4431.html and no useful answer was given.
I am sorry, but in general the how-to-get started documentation is pretty bad. I am sure, many developers would be happy to make more contributions, if there was some good step-by-step guide.

if you keep hijacking threads for your own issues then it is your own fault not to get the answers you want :wink:

I was asking in that thread because it seems as a issue with that particular VMWare image. Open the github.com/volumio/Volumio2 and check what it says for new guys: The usage of VMware image is preferred and then what preliminary steps are required. If you follow the this tutorial, you get something what is preferred but does not work.

So yes, now that we got it cleared, it is a issue of poor getting started material and not an issue of VM. My suggestion would be to rework the documentation to clearly define, what are the necessary steps to get the vm running, how to update the /volumio folder, how/were to build and then update the /volumio, etc. Dont get me wrong, this is a great project, and would be sad, that contributors give up, because they do not have easy enough way to get started. Especially with the plugin support it has a potential to become really great, but community needs to be taken care of to have contributions.

You’re right we should document it better.

In case you want to add your experience to getting started guide, you can send PRs to github.com/volumio/docs

in the docs folder you’ll find all the pages