Why does the Queue sometimes stop?

Every now and then Volumio just stops playing partway through a queue. I created a queue with 5 albums in. When playing through it the other day, it stopped after the first album, which I put down to me messing up the queuing.

earlier a looked at this queue and it looks like it was ok, so restarted playing it. It progressed much further through this time, but stopped again:playliststuck.PNG

“Cosmos Pink” was the last track to play, and it hasn’t progressed to “Prelude”. Volumio looks like it’s been “stopped” (i.e. there is a play button on the web interface).

Both times it’s stopped it’s been between albums. Could a network problem cause this? Anywhere to look for log outputs?


Just happened again, this time midway through an album. Playing just stopped. Going into the web interface and hitting play started it again.

Any ideas on log out put that might help?

System log since last boot:

sudo journalctl -b

Volumio log in:


I think, but didn’t check to confirm, that mpd has a log in:


Good luck. I have found this annoying too.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Now to try and catch it happening!