Whoohooooooo ...........


I am Jolltax from the UK and am here to say Hello. “HELLO”

I am mainly here because I like fiddling with things, taking them to bits and putting them back together, I like Linux and have ordered a Hifiberrry DAC for my Pi and thought I would have a bash at assembling a HifiBerry and trying Volumio.

I haven’t really got much to play it through apart from my old Denon mini hifi as my hifi days are long gone - I mainly use headphones these days. I I might dig out the 30 year old Mission Cyrus 1 amp I have in the garage (its probably full of spiders) and try that although I don’t have any speakers… hmmmm

In the kitchen I have a Logitech Squeezebox and I have a couple fo NAS’es with music on - the Squeezebox is great, but support is getting a bit difficult now and I feel like its days are numbered. I am wondering if I can fit a similar type of illuminated display to my Hifiberry …

I LOVE music, I feel like I was born with a song playing in my head, I always listen to music and can get quite emotionally involved in it (but not in a weird way).

Anyway, hi!


Welcome Jolltax, and thank you for the enthusiastic introduction :slight_smile: There’s plenty to play with here, so enjoy yourself & let us know how you get on.

P.S. Someone has recently produced a plugin to install Logitech Media Server alongside Volumio, which may or may not be of interest to you :wink:. It’s not yet in the list of Volumio plugins, but you may find it here

Cool thanks, I should get my bits and pieces this week and I’ll give it a try!