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OK, so I’ve done the whole bit with reformatting and re-imaging the SD card 3 times now. This last time I let it sit over 1/2 hour before logging on. have USB keyboard and mouse wired to Pi. logged on with volumio/volumio, get a linux terminal screen. I can su to root OK, run a few other commands.

My Pi3 has built in wireless networking, using a Pi image it comes up in the new GUI, I have the new or new-ish piggyback touch screen. I was able to connect to my WLAN without incident.

Booting into the volumio image it comes up to a prompt. from that prompt I can do ifconfig, it shows wlan0 as up with an odd IP address of, which is not on my network. My linux desktop can’t see it. My router can’t see it either. If I ping the router “ping” it complains the network is unreachable, which would be correct.

Is this really supposed to work? With that IP address I can’t ssh or http to it. When I re-boot it it goes back to the192.168.211.1 address which is useless.

I need to get it to come up with a 192.168.1.x address and I need to get it to try to connect to my wireless network so I can enter the SSID and password. I’m not going to set up static routes and all that.

Did I do something way wrong here? If so, a pointer would be appreciated.


Romeo Tango Foxtrot Mike :smiley:

volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … Guide.html

In few words, everything is working, but you don’t need a monitor\keyobard etc… Just connect to the wireless lan named volumio (pw volumio2)
and configure it from there

Romeo Tango Foxtrot Mike LOL

So I rebooted it a few more times and after awhile Viola! the volumio hotspot suddenly appears. congrats.

Now if I can get it to play my spotify I’m golden.