Which version is Volumio 3 now?

The front page says it is
VERSION: 3.251
RELEASE DATE: 31-03-2022

My Volumio Primo box is on 3.233 (24-02-2022) and it is not upgradeable.
Factory reset resets to the same 3.233, although this is not the version it was bought with.
I hope they will fix the bugs, some day.
I already opened the ticket on this topic - silence.
Does anyone else have the same experience?

Due to a bug on 3.233, Primo updater is broken. You have to contact tech support. They will fix it. :wink:

Directlink to book supportcall with Volumio on below link, I had the same problem with my Primo and they where very helpful and fixed it swiftly over an online call (install Putty on your computer beforehand, so will it go very fast)

I wonder why they would not post how-to-fix online, it it is so simple. Do you remember what they did?


If they provide instructions and things go wrong, is that warrenty?

They have to run a couple of scripts - but if Volumio do the fix they take responsibility if something doesn’t work, if you do it yourself and brick it you don’t have that assurance.

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