Which solution do you recommend me for my setup?

Hi everyone!
I need your help: I’m thinking about my amp.
I’m building my speakers. These: https://www.visaton.de/en/products/2-way-speakers/alto-ii
My dac is an Allo Boss and I have an oooooooold Marantz amp. This one: https://insidehifi.blogspot.com/2013/10/marantz-pm-43-74pm4302b.html

1-Do you think it’s more preferable I build (yes I want to build it) a new amp, or can I just build a pre-amp? This amp works very well so if it’s possible I’d like to keep using it.
2-Which amp or pre-amp do you recommend me?

Constraints imposed:
*I’m not scared about soldering but I am not very reassured at the idea of starting from a simple assembly plan and having to find all the parts by myself. I would prefer a kit. I have nothing to make a PCB so…
**About price range: The best value for less than 100€ (by not taking into account the housing, cables… Just the AMP/Pre-AMP and its PSU).
***I don’t want to add a card directly on my boss player. It will be in a separate case with its own PSU.
****(EDIT): I adjust the volume via Volumio. The volume of the amp remains fixed (more or less).

Many thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi DipterePow,

There will be thousands of different opinions - but i would leave the Marantz as it is and connect it to the DAC.
Nothing more required.


Hi Josef!
Thanks for your reply!

Are you sure? Each speakers need 60W and the amp gives 2x30W… I don’t know anything about it, that’s why I ask the question.

P.S: The power supply that you recommended for my player works perfectly. Thank you very much!

Typical domestic listening is done at quite low power levels, 1 watt or so.
There is no sensitivity figure given for the complete loudspeaker you are constructing, but the tweeter has a sensitivity of 90 db @1 W @1 M, that isn’t particularly high.
It looks like the impedance of those speakers is 4 ohms, your amp is rated:
30 watts x 2 at 8 ohms [ 40 to 20KHz THD 0.005% ]
40W at 4 ohms
Dynamic power: 50W / 80W at 8 / 4ohms

I’d be trying your new speakers on your existing amp before spending more money.

I had to make some researches to understand what you said :smiley: :laughing:
Ok thanks a lot for your replys. I’ll try like that!