Which Pi to buy?

Hi there,
I have been very happily using Volumio 1.55 with a Pi 1B and a HiFi Berry Dac connected to my hi-fi system in my living room for a few years. I have even managed to convert my wife to using it. I am looking to set up a “Lo-Fi” setup in another room (simply playing through some old computer speakers). I am looking to by a pi (but just use its own audio output). Should I get version 2 or 3? Is the audio out on these better than on the originals (which is poor)?

I would get the PI3: faster and with integrated wifi… But the audio out from the board itself is still poor… So you should get an i2s dac as well

I believe there is almost no price difference, therefore I’d pick the 3. Only pick the 2 if concerned about power use. Advantage could be build in Wifi and Bluetooth. I’m curious why you didn’t include the smallest version, or is that one definitely not suitable? In this case smaller = better? Plus better power consumption.