Whew! Things have changed. Some help to get my mojo back

Hi there,

I’ve been running Volumio in some form since sometime in 2015. I have a couple of Pi’s, an Allo USBridge and an ancient Squeezebox Classic I bought back in 2006. They are all connecting to a hard drive on a computer that I use just for streaming. About a year and a half ago, I was looking at other options to run my Squeezebox along with everything else and decided to try Logitech Meda Server route for a while. I’ve been running a Pi, an allo and the squeezebox. The other Pi, which I had not really found a use for, was still running Volumio. Last Christmas I ran music to my front yard, using Volumio. I put it down in my basement afterward, to use it while playing ping pong. But the ping pong didn’t manifest, so I just left it down there, to play it whenever I went down there for any projects.

The Squeezebox has died, so I moved up the Volumio Pi to use it in place of it. I had not played it in awhile, so before I brought up to the main floor, I checked to see if it was still connecting. It wasn’t . So I brought it up. Plugged it in. Nothing connected. My cell phone, my computers, that it had worked with up until at least a few months ago. So I re-seated the flash card, unplugged the Wifi, plugged it all back in, No luck. Can’t be found on any network. So, I came out here, and began remembering that things were about to change the last time I was here. I think the whole MyVolumio thing was just starting up. Do I need to do something, like download and reflash a new Volumio? Just hoping to get a little head start here before I dig in and start looking for answers. Looks like a lot has changed. Maybe the Volumio I was using has been phased out? Anyway, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Was thinking it might be time to put everything back on Volumio. But for now, I just want to get this one working.

Thank you!

Hi Daina,
first I would download the latest version of Volumio, and reflash it.
Please allow it 10 minutes to start up

Let us know how it goes