Where is my music?

I just upgraded to Version 2 (Pi) and I am very impressed by the snazzy appearance. I also like the ‘Artist’ and ‘Album’ features (which never worked on 1.x). The problem is that the program only found about 10% of my music! I have a dedicated usb-hd with ~700GB of music arranged Artist/Album/Song. Most of them I ripped myself from CDs. I know that at least some of the ‘missing’ music does have tags, so that is not the whole issue. In ver. 1.x, I could at least go to the folder view and find any album or song manually. Is there anyway to do this with Ver 2? Or anyway to get it to find the rest of my music? For now, I’ve gone back to 1.x (Thankfully I saved the SD card!)
Thanks for the help!

The plot thickens. Turns out it has nothing to do with Volumio 1.x vs. 2.x. Neither can find my music. I created the usb-hd on Ubuntu 16.10 with ext-4 fs. I can read the usb-hd with my Linux system and Gparted reports no errors. Asking Volumio to rescan or update Library takes only a flash and nothing new is found. The light on the usb-hd does flicker as if being accessed. And yes, I do have an auxiliary power to the usb-hd so it is not draining the Pi.
I tried hooking the Pi up to the HMDI TV and it appears the I need to ‘log-in’ but I have no idea what user name or password to use. Root/root did not work. User/password did not work. Someone MUST be able to help me with this. If I can log in, then I can search for the usb-hd (where would it be? probably /media/???) Does the volumio 2.x have any utilities installed to check the usb-hd?
Again, thanks for the help.

OK, “volumio/volumio” works to log in. (Duh, why didn’t I think of that before?) I can ‘cd’ to my usb-hd and ‘ls’ shows all the folders and I can ‘cd’ all the way down the folder structure to get to the actual songs, so it would appear that the usb-hd is OK and that my Pi2 can read it.
Volumio can find the usb-hd (labeled Music2), but when I go Music Library>Music2> it only shows two directories, “The Doors” and “The Rolling Stones” and both of them are empty!
So this DOES seem to be a Volumio problem rather than Pi2 or usb-hd. Anyone have suggestions? Does Volumio need ntfs instead of ext-4? OR some other fs? FAT-32??
I sure hope someone can help with this!

Somehow I feel like I’m just talking to myself. Maybe this will help someone else, so I’ll go ahead and post it. The answer is use FAT-32 fs. With this, Volumio 2.x now finds all my albums, artists, etc. COOL :sunglasses:
I have not been able to get it to read two different usb-hds even though there are plenty of ports. I guess that is just a limitation on Volumio?? Pi should have no problem with that.

Glad you’re sorted, but it does sound a little strange. You state that you can ssh in to the RPi and view all of your tracks, so Volumio works with whatever the original fs type was. Just out of interest, did you look for the library scan failing or any error messages during the scan?

No idea about the multiple usb hd problem, perhaps support has not been written in … you could request as a feature though if not.