Where do I find older versions for download?

0.979 is not working. Wifi is too slow or does not even show up.

Thank you!


Wi-Fi doesn’t work that smoothly any longer with Volumio 2.

Here is how I did: [0.979]
Connect to the Wi-Fi network using the Network tab.
The messages that the wireless restarted successfully flashes by two times. Which is promising.
There is no automatic refresh, so you have to refresh the Network tab by your self by for example go to the Playback tab and then back to Network again. When the Network tab is open again you should have a box to the right that indicates a Wi-Fi connection.
Turn off the Volumio and the hardware, turn it on again. That seems to connect the Wi-Fi.
In order to disconnect the Etnernet cable turn off the Volumio and hardware again, then remove the Ethernet cable.
Turn it all on and then I have Wi-Fi connection. Well, that worked for me.

Don’t give up. Try the above.