Whats wrong with the Volumio Team? V2.882

Dear Volumio,

Whats wrong with your distributiion?..I’m a paid My Volumio user and used to be developer myself. Although Volumio appeared to be working quite nicely in the beginning (8 weeks ago), it now fails to meet ALL basic stability requirements for at least 2 weeks…Naming a few:

  • After a reboot it won’t show Qubuz on the left handside
  • Reconnectig to Qobuz doesn’t work
  • Skipping numbers often doesn’t work. You have to empty the queue first and start all over
  • IF Qobuz is connected,…loading the tracks is terrible slow or doesn’t even work producing errors (red box in the top right handside of the screen). This does NOT appear to be a Qobuz problem as using the Qobuz website itself loading your content is working perfectly fine. Could be an API problem but if thats the case then I would expect a pinned topic on this forum which tehre is not.

I’d like to stay with Volumio because I like the way its setup with the RPI etc…but the way its going now makes me think at least.
Furthermore a long anounced complete new version 3 is still awaiting with NO updates when its going to arrive. Let me teach you a lesson: When you announce someting you have to manage expectations. You guys don’t do that or don’t know how.

Nuf said…Hope you gears gear up soon!


Qobuz via Volumio is a mess right now. It was perfect two versions ago.