What will change with Volumio 3

It has been said several times on the forums, that there is no intention to stifle Community plugins that replicate Premium features. Plugins are a wonderful & versatile feature of Volumio.

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Hi chsims1

You have misunderstood my message. I was simply asking whether a particular feature (all audio can be routed through snapcast on the local machine), which should make it easier to support my aplication on Volumio, was premium or not.


You will need to check updates to update.
In any case, Updating is trongly suggested as Volumio2 is now unmantained

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If the plugin developer ports it to Volumio3, yes

Yes, Volumio 3 will be available to all OEM partners around Q1 2022

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Unfortunately, the Volumio 3 is not available. When can you expect?

When is this going to get launched? :slight_smile:


hi, waiting as well :slight_smile:

I just ran the update and now it doesnt work. I can log-in via CLI, but I cannot hit volumio.local nor does the android app find it on the network. ifconfig shows a strange ip address for the wireless adapter.

I have rebooted the pi a few times, and removed power, booted back up. same problem. seems like wireless interface needs to be reconfigured??

" * A new improved app (iOS and Android) to simplify usage and first start (free)"

yes thats one thing im realy looking forward to aswell!

The update will erase all settings, so you will have to reconfigure it from scratch including the network setup.

Thank you, it had been so long since I ran the setup, I forgot about the “hotspot” piece of the puzzle.

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It is currently in review and hopefully tomorrow will be live

Can you give a link for it? :slight_smile: (or .apk)

I assume its new app, since you cant convert paid to free(?)

iOS or Android - or both?

It’s an updated app :wink:
If you want to test it now, go to beta channel on play store :wink:

For the moment Android then shortly thereafter iOs

so it seems.

May i send a PM regarding something?

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Well, the upgrade was fast & smooth.
But here is my issue: no more “snd_rpi_hifiberry_digi” into the audio driver’s list.
So, no more music for me…


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