What will change with Volumio 3

at first i will say „thank you“ for this big great work.
Today i thougt about to install the Beta to test the DSP, and now i read the stable Version is comming on December the 7th.
Only 9times to sleep :smile:

One question,
can i update my rpi‘s out of the menue, or have i to install new?
In the end, a not very importend question :wink:

So long

@Flames If you have 2.xx then you will be able to update over the air, though you will lose your settings and plugins. If you’re on the 3.x beta you will need to reflash your SD. I’m also really looking forward to the 7th.

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Bravo pour l’interface “Manifest” très agréable. Le plugin Audiophonics va etre remit sur la V3? Car en France on est pas mal a l’utiliser. Merci

Sweet! This is a nice birthday present(Dec 7 is my birthday). I’m looking forward to trying out the synched multi room playback and the new UI.


Great news!

Will IR Remote plugin be ported to Volumio3? For me it is an enabler for switching from Volumio2.

The plugin developer shall port it… So I suggest to contact him and ask politely if he can :wink:

There’s a PR already pending :wink:


Thanks Gvolt :wink: !!
Plugins are being verified as we speak… We are doing our best to onboard them all in time for release.
Thanks for participating to this effort!

But please do not forget about the issue described above with mpd version… I press play and the radio stations starts after 3 4 minutes… :frowning: thanks.


Same issues here


Is the new IOS app out yet? Not sure I’m finding the correct one? (and don’t see one thats free)

SD card backed up and cloned, settings noted, ready for the upgrade, if have missed any setting I can always boot up the backup to see what it was.
I think I keep with my Virtuoso subscription for now.
Looking forward to having a look at Volumio3

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From Volumio developer’s side:
Would you prefer one of the options? Upgrading V2 or flashing a new SD?
Thank you.

1812, I read this to mean that the method of getting to the latest code base if you’re running pi/tinkerboard will be the same as always: go into settings and look for updates. No need to flash your SD card. I suspect PCs will require a new exe. I run pi so I’m good. :slight_smile:

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It occurs to me that with the multiroom sync Volumio could develop a wireless 5.1, 7.1 etc. surround sound product.
A ‘poor man’ solution would be to feed a 5.1 amp over HDMI from PC or Blu ray and run the preamp outputs for the rear channels to analogue inputs on a Volumio Pi as master with no output, and a second Pi slaved to this one with a pair of small active speakers at the back of the room. Latency correction is in any way a feature built in to most amps and can be done automatically…

Starting from a clear SD is always advisable. But we are making sure you can update via OTA

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will an option be presented to update to volumio 3 (i want to keep volumio 2 for a while), or will the update happen automatically?

Although multi-room is a premium feature, will it be possible on the non-premium version to use the snapcast server to make a local copy (same machine) of the playing audio for audio visualisers like mpd_oled?


Any chance @volumio can comment on whether this will come to the current miniDSP SHD devices (either Neo2 or Neo3 hardware)? I know you can’t make promises for them on delivery, but perhaps you can tell us if it’s at least possible for this to be implemented. Thanks.

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You only need to update if you want to.

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