What will change with Volumio 3

Ladies and gentlemen,

After more than 2 years of work by the Volumio Team and the community, we are really pleased to announce Volumio3: the best Volumio experience you’ve ever had.

It introduces several benefits:

  • A major code rewrite which makes it faster, more stable, future proof
  • A new sound engine, which makes it incredibly flexible even for the most demanding audiophile
  • A new User Interface, called Manifest UI. It’s called that because it embodies our mission: unveil the pure beauty of music.
  • Multiroom-Synchronized Playback, to enjoy Volumio in the whole house
  • An improved plugin system, to make plugins safer and better
  • A simplified pricing plan: Free and Premium, making the top tier more accessible

Volumio3 will be available as a free download from December 7th.

From this point on, Volumio2 will be unmaintained and it will no longer be possible to subscribe to old Virtuoso and Superstar plans.

We created a new, simpler plan to enjoy all premium features: Premium.
You can read more about Premium here.

What changes from Volumio2 to Volumio3

To give everyone a clear idea on the overall change that Volumio3 brings, here is a comprehensive list of changes:

  • A major rewrite of the build system, allowing us to build in a faster and more reliable way
  • A new sound architecture, named AAMPP, that allows unprecedented flexibility for audio processing and plugins
  • The first feature based on AAMPP, multiroom synchronized playback (Premium)
  • Based on Buster, more stable and future proof
  • A new plugin store, and more strict control of plugins, to make plugins more reliable and easier to develop (free Volumo account required)
  • 64 bit builds for PC
  • Manifest UI, a new, shiny and minimal User Interface (Premium)
  • A new improved app (iOS and Android) to simplify usage and first start (free)
  • An improved developers documentation
  • Single Premium plan

Good news! Will it be necessary to create a new SD card or can it be updated from the installed Beta in app or browser?
Anyway…Thanks for delivering a great job!


For Volumio2 users on PI and Tinkerboard, we will just release an update which will transition you from Volumio2 to Volumio3 (however, all settings, plugins etc will be lost).

For Beta users, the suggested way is to reflash and stop using this beta builds (those will not receive an OTA update).

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From the existing plugins from volumio 2 how many will be ported until 7 Dec on volumio 3?


Great that v3 is finally ready. Congratulations. I really appreciate the improvement in the beta version. I hope that some of the key plugins not there yet in beta, such as Spotify, will be available.

As many as possible. But this depends mostly on the plugin developers, on our side we can just help to make it as smooth as possible…

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Volumio Primo Hifi-edition, what happens with the included lifetime-license?

I believe i did read on other topic that it will be honored, so you get to keep it as it is with all the premium features(?)

You will get all premium features, for life.

We keep our word :wink:


Will the spotify plugin be ported for the release? (i think it was from “volumio team”(?))


Yes, for pi and tinkerboard. For x64 we don’t know yet if we can do it

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Sorry for asking again. I still have my Volumio2 SD card. So it will be possible to upgrade via app or browser from this departure?


Yes. The only caveat is that you will loose your settings

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Thats no issue. Thank you very much! Since my Windows 3.11 time I love settings :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! Will the Primo also receive the update on December 7th, or will you have to do some extra testing on that since it’s a more “commercial” product?


It is undergoing testing, and hopefully will undergo release at the same time. :smiley:


Spotify, TouchScreen and PeppyMeter Plugins work fine with the 3.152. See at 1:45 on this clip.


Dear Sirs, thank you for your support.

  1. Will it be possible to boot Volumio 3 Raspberry Pi system from USB drive or SSD?
  2. Will plugin for GPIO input (Switches) and Output (LED) be available?
    Kind regards Benjamin

I’m not aware of any way of booting from other than the SD card without firmware changes. On top of that you would then have the problem that the Volumio image has been built to work from a SD card.

Plugins are slowly being added to Volumio3, but it will rely on the plugin authors wishing to implement the appropriate changes. If the plugins are written by a Community member, then you would be best served by contacting them directly.

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Thank for your reply, I only was asking because this works with current Raspbian OS without issues with USB/SSD/SD and so as Volumio 3 changed it’s platform to Buster maybe this also changed. Have a nice day.
Kind Regards