What platform/board for Volumio?

Hi guys,
First of all thanks for this great piece of software and this community.
I need help for a “simple” thing: I use Volumio and it’s great, I already have an USB dac capable of DSD, a NAS full of music and all gears ready. Money is not a problem (in regards to this choice), and my question is: should I go with a x86 nuc or Odroid C2? My goal is audio quality and speed of the overall system. I only listen music from my NAS, no online streaming. What do you suggest? Many thanks in advance

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Really anyone? :frowning:
I searched the web but found nothing.
I would really only know your opinions, on why I should prefer one solution on another. Unfortunately I don’t have time to test myself, and I would love starting with a solution and stick with that. I said Odroid C2 instead of Pi3 for its superior power and speed (more reactive and no problems with USB DAC and LAN reading). I have many 24/192 and DSD.
Thanks in advance

Dear Michele,
mine is not the definitive answer to your question, as I admit that I rarely use odroid c2 (altough its way superior to the PI, and it does not suffer from USB problems like the PI or C1).
I can just tell you what I use on my main system:
I have two favourite configurations:

  • Pi + Kali + Piano (or 2.1 now that dual mono has been released), and occasionally with the BOSS when I want to have fun
  • For serious critical listening I use an x86 dedicated PC (that I aim to put on sale on the shop), paired with the ipurifier volumio.org/product/ifi-ipurifi … reclocker/ to feed my USB DAC (Opera Consonance Don Curzio). What I get is a really revealing system, but slightly less musical than the above solutions.

IMHO with DSD and hi-res flac you should choose x86 also because I am in the process of enabling direct DSD (will work just with XMOS USB receivers ) on X86 before any other platform…

But again, that’s not the definitive answer, just my straight opinion. Hope someone with a good knowledge of C2 will jump in

Wow! Michelangelo, your answer is really really appreciated! Thanks for that.
The great musicality of the pi solution compared to the x86 one is really interesting, as much as the fact that this last is more revealing, in your setup. I already have an Odroid C2 in its box, ready to go, and also a x86 NUC , a friend’s gift. Volumio is on Pi3 and I love it, but some minor problem, click and dropout occurs with DSD and 24/192, so I’d wish to build a definitive setup with something more powerful.
I think I’ll go with x86 then. Everyone else experiences and comments are really appreciated, particularly with Odroid.
Michelangelo, great thing the direct DSD implementation, no way for not xmos receivers?
Thanks, ciao!