what pi4 would be recommanded ? (1/2/4 gb ram)


currently i use volumio with a RP2 in my home stereo.

would like to buy another pi for work/bedroom setup with headphones.

what version of 4 be suitable ? 1/2/4 ram ? or maybe go with pi zero wh (could be slow?)


PI4, 1GB of RAM is enough :wink:

If you want to use the UI on HDMI or touchscreen, then the 2GB version might be better

Thanks !

would pi zero wh struggle to handle with volumio?

I run a Zero WH with Volumio as a web radio (with a JustBoom DAC pHat and a pair of old PC powered speakers) and it works flawlessly.

Whether there would be any issues connecting to locally sourced media from a NAS or suchlike I can’t comment, but for my usage case the zero is fine.

I would not use zero if not for very simple setup - I tried to use Pi1B+ and WEB interface had lag (playback time display had delay about 4sec) ad dropouts for 96kHz and 192kHz playback). Zero has only about 30% more power than Pi1. My setup was I2S DAC, WEB control from W7 PC and another W7 PC as file server. All network was wired. Must say my library was around 3500 Albums. Maybe with small local library it will work better. Currently I use Pi2 and Pi3B+ and both work fine, tough library scan is almost two times faster on Pi3+.