What NAS software would be better to work with volumio?

So I’m looking to build my own NAS and I was looking at FreeNas or OpenMediaVault for the software. Do these both work with Volumio or is one better than the other?

Hi @TheBlackKey

Can’t give you any opinion about FreeNas because I haven’t tryed it , but I can give one about OpenMediaVault (OMV),
The most boring software in the world !
Just Install , Configure and Let it be, but do remember to write down the admin password and keep that in a safe place if you unlikely need to change something in the future :slight_smile:

My setup is really simple and not a performance solution, but works flawless with audio files and Volumio.
Rpi 3b connected with a networkcable , a USB harddrive with external power, OMV configured as a Samba share

Note: Ain’t proven yet but I beleve it works during power cuts :wink:


If you just need to build a “simple NAS”, you might consider installing a “standard” Raspbian Buster distribution on a RPI, on which you configure a NFS server. The simpler the better…