What kind of subscription do i need?

Hi all,
Just installed volumio.
Wanted to ask about the subscription, i use hifiberry digi + pro hat on.
What kind of subscription do i need?
I see that in the highest level theres a “Digital and Analog Inputs Playback”.whats that means?

Do i need to pay over 70$ per year to use the hifi digi + pro?


Hi Elad and welcome, you don’t need to subscribe at all unless it provides something that you want (eg. Qubuz, Tidal).

When i saw "Digital and Analog Inputs Playback” only in the “superstar” subscription i was thinking that this is the only way to play from the digi pro + hat.


Why the qobuz or tidal integration is payed? Because of sw developers that build this integration and of course they needs to be payed? I guess this part is not open source…
I am asking just for curiosity.
Anyway it is a small free for what this volumio offers