What DAC to use with Raspberry Pi Touchscreen?

Hy I’v been using Volumio for a year now on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with a Hifiberry DAC pro+ hat and it works great. I would like to add the Raspberry Pi Touchreen (official 7-inch) to my setup and when looking into it I came to some problems.

  1. I need some of the GPIO pins that the hat uses for the touchscreen.
  2. I was thinking about getting the case with the screen and there is no room in it for the hat.
    The solution I was thinking about was just getting a USB DAC and use the hifiberry dac somewhere else. Now I heard somewhere that a USB wasn’t really working well with a raspberry pi in terms of audio quality. Is this not really or problem and will I just be fine? If so what would be a comparable USB DAC to the hat I have already? If a USB Dac is not advised, would there be another solution to the problems mentioned above? Thanks in advance for any help.