what DAC for JBL LSR305's

Hi all,
I got these speakers a couple of months ago. Prior to them, I hadn’t been listenting music in a really long time. I have them connected straight up to the PC/laptop on-board sound, still they’re the best sounding around the place. So I basically know nothing about audio :laughing:

I mostly listen to mp3 or spotify -but i might give a try to uncompressed audio if its worthwile- and watch 1080p movies. So I’m thinkig in volumio and openelec. I have a preferance towards USB. Since that way I could: listen music on the pi, watch movies & play games on the pc, and killing two birds with the same stone.

Budget-wise, speakers where 130 each, so you decide wha best. I’m thinking from Hifiberry( :slight_smile: ) to dragonfly( :neutral_face: ).


I think a Raspberry Pi B+ with any of the HiFiBerry DACs and of course Volumio hits a very nice sweet spot (price/performance wise). It is very flexible, has many use cases and sounds super. The big advantage, IMHO, is that you can create an autonomous system, like an old school hifi system, that plays without a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone being in constant use.


PS: if you don’t feel like hacking everything together yourself, you can find a one stop solution here: audio359.eu/player-streamer.html