What changes in the OS if I select and activate 12s DAC?

I’m trying to set up a multi boot pi2 with volumio2 and osmc. I’m currently experimenting with berryboot.
I know I will be asked why, when SD cards are cheap, and even a second pi isn’t that expensive.

  1. I don’t like swapping SD cards, and pulling the power, i find it fiddly and annoying.
  2. I have extremely limited disposable income at the moment.

I have successfully installed berryboot and installed berryboot optimised images of both volumio2 and osmc. I can boot either system fine… Until i enable 12s DAC in playback settings, select allo piano, and reboot.

A new setting gets written to berryboot’s config text file and the pi will not boot (flashes act led 7 times).

So I’m trying to find out why it’s not working, by trying to learn what happens in a normal stand-alone volumio2 scenario when 12s is activated.

Any one got any useful pointers?

Maybe due to this.
Also Berryboot runs Volumio on a different kernel version than the one Volumio is built-upon, and may miss some relevant drivers for DACs (in particular Allo I think), and/or have discrepancy with overlays…

Thanks. May have to rethink my multi-boot strategy.

You may want to look at this.
Maybe things will evolve in the future to make multiboot easier…

In the meantime, if Allo drivers are not part of Berryboot distribution, you could try to build your Allo drivers under Berryboot build system, or ask Allo to do so, or open an issue there to see if Berryboot author can: can’t ensure this would fully solve the problem, but could be a mitigation option.

Good luck.