what are the paths?

i searched the paths according to the docs, but i cant find the location of

-my webradios
-the music database (the file it writes into when its scanning cifs shares). i want to monitor this a bit, as my lib is 900GB and already it refuses to playback cause it hugs the little berry so much.

and is there a way to see if there is actually output on alsa?


p.s.: i am currently using a soundblaster!play2-usb card.

p.s.: why does volumio offest time -2 ? how can i tell it that i am in berlin?

i also need to manually delete the cifs share i aded because its too big, only webinterface works, mpd does not connect to other clients and the corersponding setup page in the webui doesnt open anymore…

ok! got it!
its the config.json files found unter /data/configuration…

p.s.: scanning very large cifs folders really stops playback. delete problematic shares under /data/configuration/system-controller/networkfs/config.json, have some time, it comes back (restart too).

Plz, how can I come up with a pre-build Database for Volumio? Obviously scanning 900GB of Cifs is not practicable. Where is the Database located? I just cant find it. Even now after having unplugged the share via config.js gnome music player client can access the database, this seems to be a fine thing!

p.s.: ok, the db is a list under /var/lib/mpd/tag_cache
mine is 1,3MB after 18hours of scanning, uff thats not very fast