What Android app should I use

I’ve been using Rune in the past, but heard good things about Volumio, and noticed that it has been updated frequently, so I now have it on an SD card. It seems to work by being accessed by a Windows browser, but I really want to use my cellphone to control it.

What Android app should I use with a RPi3/Digi+ and Android 6 (Marshmallow)?

All my music will on a USB Flash Drive, if that makes any difference.

I saw a few apps on the Android Playstore, but none were rated very high

Thanks for the help.

There is no app as of now… But the WebUi will work great, just bookamark your PI’s IP and you’ll be done!
Let me know how it goes

MPDroid is top app for Android! Works flawlessly!

any MPD control app will work
you can try sound@home (its a volumio native app and may or may not work with rune)

mpdroid is what i normally use.
and i usually use volumio 1.55 and am setting up volumio 2 now so i dont know how erll it will work

in sound@home manual setup works best, long press the room to set it up (it will make sense once you try and go and set it up)