What Amp are you using?

My first is a pi4 with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro feeding into an 80s vintage NAD receiver.

I was so pleased with that I put together two more. They are both Pi3’s with HiFiBerry Amp2.
Esentially a DAC+ with integrated amp.

They are driving passive 2 way speakers. Again very pleased.

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I have a RPi4 with a self-made board with PCM5102, connected to a Pioneer A20 amplifier

I also have another RPi4 with a self-made board with latest amplifier from TI: BassOwl-HAT

Kenwood KA-33 from 1981 :upside_down_face:


Ok, I’m a self admitted tube guy. However, I’m a financially sensible tube guy. My Pi3 with Allo Boss dac is hooked up to a tube headphone amp from Monoprice that lives on my nightstand(my pi3 is in a custom “case” made from broken skateboards). This amp was a steal when it went on sale a couple years ago. Now I have a new toy, a Reisong Yulu M2 single ended EL34 amp. For less than $300usd delivered, I have a decent looking, dead silent(seriously, volume knob up all the way and ear to the tweeter silent. I thought it was broken till music poured out), two input, 8 watt amp that so far has blown me away in my small room(approx 3 meters by 4 meters). I’m loving the sound of this thing and that’s with the stock tubes. Rolling might wait a bit till I’ve lived with it for awhile.

Linn Kolektor & LK140

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Pi 4 with Hifiberry dac2hd
Volumio 2
Speakers: gen1 monitor audio bronze b2
Amp: 80’s harman kardon PM660 amplifier (bought for £90 on eBay)

Sounds fantastic.

You should ask your amplifier to stop smoking. :slight_smile:

For compact installation you can’t beat the Hifiberry Amp2.

The amp board includes a DAC. It will fit either of these cases. And with Bluetooth speakers no wires needed other than power supply