webUI looses touch with player

Hi all.

I am using version 2.041 ( 2016-12-02 01:22:24 ) on a RPI 2 ( model B, I think ).

From time to time, the webUI is acting a bit strange.
Can start a internet radio stream, it plays fine, I can adjust the volume up and down fine, but the rest of the interface thinks there is nothing playing, thus I cannot stop the music again… I can navigate the settings and library just fine, and a reboot of the system fix the problem for a time.

If I go to the library and start another radio station or local music, UI catches up and turns from the “play” button to the “stop” button and everything works again.

Have not tried using Volumio with anything else than the web interface, I hear the big kids talk about mpdroid…


Same issue. Really annoying to constantly start different music program in order to regain access to the UI. Happens ALL the time. This is also true after force-reloading the page, restarting browser. Using Chrome. No errors on console, just a dead UI.

I’ve the same problem, see: rpi2-latest-volumio-occasionally-drops-connection-t5544.html

I don’t have time right now to check if the gpu memory is really a key contributor to the issue, but if you have time please check and confirm as that would help other people.

I’m experiencing this probleem too daily on my RPi3 systems (WiFi). To me this is a major issue, when it occurs there’s no way to cut audio (pause/volume).