WEBUI Last/libre.fm LOVE/BAN buttons (via MPD/mpdscribble)

I enabled libre.fm scrobbling thanks to last-scrobbling-t31.html tl;dr it uses mpdscribble and it works.

it’s just missing the feature to “love” songs, it makes kinda like a playlist of favorite songs.

mpdscribble readme says it’s possible to send love message to server using mpd commands!

many bits in mpdscribble git code shows that’s implemented git.musicpd.org/cgit/master/mpdscribble.git/


  • Is the current song being “loved”? That variable gets set when the

  • client-to-client command “love” is received.
    static bool love;[/code]

  • Wouldn’t it be good to add a love/ban button to the webUI in the playback page?

Love the idea of being able to add the love/ban buttons for last.fm or libre.fm!