WebUI / First Run failure


Im trying to get Volumio to work and cant even get past the first step apparently.

Cubox i4 pro (new)
Downloaded VERSION: 1.2beta; flashed to SD Card (Sandisk ultra 16gb Cl10; new) successfully
Plugged cubox and laptop to router via Ethernet (plan on going wifi later)
Powered Cubox on; red indicator lights up fine

Here’s where im stuck - volumio.local/ wont even load

As mentioned, the red indicator is lit; the firmware appears to load. it also shows on my network as an unspecified device, but it wont load on the browser

what am i missing? thanks a ton for your help

Additional info:

After leaving it run for a while (connected the cubox to an HDMI monitor)

Volumio login: cat: /run/player_wrk.pld: No such file or directory
INIT: Id “TO” respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

Will update for any changes