Webradio Title Display

Raspberry Pi 2 with Volumio 1.55 using clean sd-card image.
URL of stream displayed instead of Title?
I created a new playlist with BBC Radio 1 and the Title while playing is the url and not what is listed in Title1=
Is this because it is trying to receive the Title from the url stream like it does from other streaming sites listed in Webradio?
Is there somewhere I can edit what is shown?


Title1=BBC Radio - Radio 1


I think the standard behavior is that the Title will show the same as the Title field UNTIL the stream sends something else. I just tried your PLS file and the Title on my Playback tab is showing “BBC Radio - Radio 1” exactly what was in your PLS. BUT, as soon as you STOP the streaming (with the square stop button), the display reverts to the URL; and THEN it is stuck at that until the stream sends something, even if you press PLAY! So, I suspect the BBC is not sending updates, or sending the URL. To check that theory, I tried playing that stream through VLC on a completely different computer; I got the same (annoying) result. So if the BBC sent updates, it would work as expected.