Webradio stops playing after a while

I upgraded to version 2.413 on the RPI3.
Now when I start listening to a webradio, after a while - from a few seconds to a few minutes - the sound disappears.
It happens at all the stations I listen to every day. So it doesn’t make sense to think that it depends on the servers or the Internet connection that runs smoothly.
Sometimes the sound returns briefly after a few seconds, but sooner or later it stops.
Under these conditions, the web interface is no longer accessible from a PC.
It seems to be a problem with Volumio’s network interface that after a while doesn’t work properly.
My Volumio is networked with the Eth interface and the green LED stops flashing, while the rest of the network is working.
Any ideas for solving or better defining the problem? Thanks

Can you send logs after the webradio disappears?

volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

I sent 2 logs.
The first when Volumio normally plays the station :
The second now, when the output has stopped:

It is strange that the web interface seems to be reachable, but it isn’t updated to the music track that is being transmitted at this moment, even if I refresh the browser page. It shows the information of the track when the sound disappeared.

The strangest thing (for me) is that if instead of a webradio I choose to play Youtube tracks by the plugin, everything works correctly … and the sound doesn’t stop.

If one do not identify the cause, is there the possibility to downgrade the version to the previous one without reinstalling everything from scratch?
I don’t have a system backup… :cry:


I have the same issue:
webradio playback starts and plays OK, but after a while it stops. Usually it plays OK, for 1-2 minutes and then stops. Sometimes the station plays OK for an hour or more.

Volumio version 3.251
Logs: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/d9BNazI.html

The radio playback is OK at first.
Playback stops at the moment this log line appears:
"Apr 15 09:00:12 volumio kernel: usb 1-1.2: USB disconnect, device number 3"

When I press play again: webradio works OK, usually without any further problems.

Thanks for all the hard work, I really enjoy Volumio! Using it every day!

Note: all other playback works without any problems: FLAC from external USB drive, Spotify Connect, Spotify plugin