Webradio stops after each song


i’m running a hi res free web radio, but with volumio unfortunately people get dropped after each song and have to stop and hit play again.
I’m streaming 96k 16bit FLAC files, so it is often giving problems (VLC etc. have same end-of-file issue) but some mpd applications seem to work , so maybe its possible to tweak something within volumio?
Or is there anything i could change in the stream that would help?
Its an icecast2 stream coming from liquidsoap - application/ogg

Personally i use volumio 2.657 running on a sparky board with the kali reclocker and the piano dac2.1.

the radio is

thanks for reading, regards, love Volumio!

feel free to tune-in, it is hi res vinyl music tuned to 429hz chamber root note a - it’s good for you!