WebRadio, RAM missing

after getting the Spotify up to run now I’m missing the WebRadio and RAM option in the Library. Any idea to bring them back, without to re-image the SD again. I already did this several times until Spotify works.

Thanks, Caunus

P.S: Running on a Raspberry B+ and I think with Volume 1.5.1 (at least the image name, in the Volumio Web Interface it’s just 1.5

Empty folders (sometimes) wont be displayed in the browse tab. WebRadio has files in them by default RAM doesn’t. Check and see if these folders contain files and then update the library

O.K I understand, but the WebRadio folder isn’t empty. But just before I saw the answer, I tested something and this might be the error, because after a reboot I saw at least the WebRadio folder again. I open the WebRadio Share on a Mac, so I delete all the ._.DS_Store and .DS_Store files on the share and rebooted. After that it works again. Not sure if this was the reason. Never the less my NAS DB update started again after that action (will now work again for several hours). Also my NAS contains these hidden Mac OS X files, so this might not be the reason.

Thanks Caunus