Webinterface not accessible

Hi there,

I’v been using Volumio on my raspberry pi 2 B for a while now and it worked really well so far.
But now I can’t access the webui anymore and get a connection failure whenever I try to access volumio.local or the Pi’s IP adress.
Both connecting trough SSH and the IOS volumio app work fine…

I’m using version 2.129

I would really appreciate any help in solving this problem. Where do I start looking?

Are you connected with WIFI? Are you on the same network? Can you try with the IP?

Connected with Wifi to the same network. Connecting with the IP does not work either.

I assume you’ve already restarted volumio correct?

yes, tried that several times as well

I didn’t manage to find the problem, so I had to reinstall Volumio from scratch.
Now I’m up and running again. Really hope that it was a one time thing.