Webdav share

Hi all,

I have a webdav share somewhere on a server. As I have some audio files on it, I want to be able to use them within volumio.
What I have done so far, is to mount the webdav share to my local raspberry.
But I am not able to get the folder be visible in the volumio frontend.
I tried to create a folder in: /var/lib/mpd/music/WEBDAV pointing to /mnt/webdav. I set the access rights to 0777 as the other folders are, too.

What did I miss in the configuration?

Thanks in advance,


Did you succeed to connect to your webDAV service?


Hi Frank and everybody,

Can you tell us how did you had your webdav sharing on volumio Rpi ?
I would be very interested with this. I’ve tried to install davfs2 but without success…

(I’ve Rpi 3, with last volumio release)

Thanks !

davfs2 work on pi i used for owncloud :wink: