WEB UI Tweaks

I’d like to streamline the web ui a bit so it takes up less room on the screen. I know the HTML/PHP/CSS files are all in /var/www/ BUT its quite a few files and I’m not an expert on reading CSS. So, has anyone else done some tweaks to the ui?


I guess it’s hard if you don’t know CSS, but gif it a try. The files I tweaked are:


files in the images folder



hope that did help;-)

I made some progress on this.
First I configured SAMBA to allow me to access the WWW directory with Windows - so I could use a text editor (Notepad++) other than nano.

Then, I quickly was able to delete the social media (tweet, facebook, google) buttons. These were in indextpl.html.

Also in indextpl.html, I eliminated one of the sections and that squeezed the content a bit.

But now I am stuck. When I resize the window to reduce the width, the content adapts from 2 columns to 1 column (which is good), but way too soon! The transition occurs at a width of about 800px, but it should probably occur at about 300px.

Attached are two screen shots. ScreenA shows the result as I reduce the width, approaching the transition; and ScreenB just a fraction later. How do I control/change the transition point; i.e. which of the numerous CSS files? and which keyword? I have tried a few, but no luck yet.


Some further progress. If you remove any of the ‘SPAN4’ elements, you have adjust the remaining SPANx elements such that the total is 12. So, I had three instances of SPAN4, and removed one instance; therefore, I should adjust the other two from SPAN4 to SPAN6. This is all described in various bootstrap tutorials.

Also useful was the Firefox Developer tool bar and plugin.