WEB UI on smartphone - popup misaligned


I’m using Volumio 2.348.
In some situations when steering Volumio via my smartphone (iPhone 5) the popup menu which is offering to add a n entry to the queue the box of the popup is partly out of the screen. This is happening in german language, because some entries are wrapped into two rows and so the box is higher than in english language.


When the interface is shown in english, all entries are shorter and all fitting into one row so the alignment of the popup is always correct.


Abbreviating the entries in the case of the mobile UI is used could be a solution.
My proposal for shorter texts that should fit into one row:
“Zur Warteschlange”
“Warteschlange ersetzen”
"Zur Wiedergabeliste
“Zu Favoriten”

Another way of solving the problem could be to position the popup box always in the middle of the screen in case of using the mobile UI.

Or you could render the popup box more widened when mobile UI is in use.

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Hi There

I got the exact same Problem using the official 7" Pi Display and Version 2.657 release October 2019. If the language is set to german, the first 3 entry’s in the browse library page cannot be chosen to play the whole album or folder. Because the popup vanishes under the title.
If I change the language to english, everytrhing is fine, because the popup is then on a different position.