web UI does not update to follow mpd

Hi, maybe it would fit better in the “feature request” section, but it feels like a bug: The web UI does not reflect what MPD is doing - if I start a playlist via the mpd interface (e.g. using mpdroid) - the web UI is just stuck on whatever the last thing was selected using the web UI.

I have just installed Volumio 2 on a PI3 and updated from 1.55 on a PI2.
The UI is catastrophic, webradios don’t have their content updated live, the playlist does not show on a MPD client.
So I have found a solution: I do not access Volumio through its UI but from MPdroid (or similar) with static playlist. I created a Radios.m3u file witt a text editor in /var/lib/mpd/playlists/ and now I can see my radios in MuPeace/MPDroid/etc…
The file is simple: one stream per line (ice.somafm.com/cliqhop-256-mp3 for example).

In the previous versions of Volumio showed the playlist and playing music started with mpdroid. When is used an upnp client like BubbleUpnp, the webclient showed the playing music. In Volumio 2 this “feature” doesn’t seem to work.

Whether you call it a bug or a new feature, it would be very welcome to have this back again!

I have realized the same.

I mainly use MPD clients (Cantata, MPDroid and as of recently also M.A.L.P) as Volumio frontends and hardly use Volumio’s web-based UI.
Nevertheless, from time to time I open the native Volumio UI (e.g. for updating to a newer Volumio release) and see an idle “Playback” page instead of the information what is currently being played.

This was working with v1.55, but I remember there it was also not acting like an MPD client (e.g. the play queue contained the current song only rather than the actual MPD playlist).

My personal conclusion: Since I don’t really use Volumio’s native Playback UI, having this UI reflecting the current MPD status would be nothing more than a “nice-to-have”. However, fixing/featuring this would improve the user experience and make Volumio even nicer!

It seems like the web UI’s queue and the MPD aren’t actually in sync. Often, I will clear the queue from the web UI, queue some music, and when it’s finished, MPD will start playing the tracks that I thought I had cleared, that were enqueued earlier via an MPD client. Late night surprise pounding techno can be a bit of wake-up call :slight_smile:

The behaviour isn’t completely deterministic, but it does seem to be related to the fact that the web UI doesn’t show the right tracks playing etc., when you’re playing from MPD clients. Reproducing this behaviour is unreliable at best, but try queuing music via different means, clearing the queue via different means etc…