Web Radio problems (again)

Hey Volumio users…

I have a Cubox I4pro and am running volumio 1.5.

I would like to clean up all the unwanted webradio entries as well as add Radio paradise. I have read all I can find in the forum but no success.

My Cubox is hard wired to the network and I am trying to follow this:

“1.) when your device is powered on and connected, use your normal computer to open the network folder which is named “volumio”. (In windows: open the explorer and type \volumio\ in the address line)”

What explorer? Internet Explorer? Doesn’t work.
Windows explorer? Cannot access.

I am running windows 7 and I don’t see the “volumio” on my network.

I have used the Webui to add a station with a URL but this does not work even after updating.

Is this a problem with the Cubox installation package?

All other functions work great. :smiley:

thanks for any insight.


For starters, we are talking about the windows file explorer.

Let’s try from the beginning:

  1. If you do know the IP number of your Volumio device, try opening a file explorer and in the address field at the top of the window type:

\\ (replace IP number with the number your device has).

Do you see four folders, including the one called web radio?

  1. If you do not know the IP number, run cmd.exe and type the following command:

nslookup volumio

Do you get a result showing the IP number?

You should install samba first

apt-get update
apt-get install samba

then reboot and do what bjoele suggests

Thanks guys, as you may be able to tell I am a network and Linux noob.

For installing Samba, where is this installed? On the Cubox?
Or on the PC?

When I type: \ipaddress\

I get an error saying windows cannot access …

maybe you have disabled your network detection in windows? If you go to network you should see Volumio (you are in the same network right?), then you can click on it and then open the Webradio folder.