Web radio not playing

I have the latest version of Volumio 3.251. I am wired into the network. I have rebooted and factory reset already.

I can select a radio station (and it does not matter which one). I get this error

System logs are here - http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/wUq0Ero.html

Seems you have your audio setup incorrect. Please check if you have the correct device selected and that your mixer is correct.

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I have reformatted the device. The device is configured exactly as my other Pi with the exception of the output device. The Pi plays Tidal perfectly but still displays this error for a radio station.

Link to log file - http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/GroJFC8.html

Two items that seem curious:

  • Error is USB not having enough bandwidth but Emotive TA-100 is plugged into a USB-3.0 port and it is the only usb device.
  • Error references ALSA device “volumio” but the name of the device is volumio-office.

The mystery deepens… If I use an external DAC rather than the built-in one in the Emotiva. It works with web radio and Tidal…