web page will not display in firefox

I have two RiPs with identical sized SD - both 8GB, which I want to use to play music.

Both versions have 1.5. - both I can SSH into.

Both set idenically appart from the IP address.

On works in Firefox the other will not and comes back with 400 request header or cookie too large.

I have swapped SD between the two and the fault stays with the same RiP.

Both are working over a wired ethernet.

The faulty unit does work with Internet Explorer 11.

One difference is the faulty unit starts with the name openelec and the other volumio.

Tried updates, swapped the connected location.

Any thoughts?

If you type volumio.local you will connect to the one which is called volumio…
The other one will be @ openelec.local

Let me know

Hi neither of these x.local work in any browser.

Only the IP address of the working one shows in both and the othe only in explorer.

Just a few minutes ago the working one is failing to show in a web browser and appears broekn.

I can talk to it by SSH and it shows in Upnp.