Web Interface unvailable without or with invalid DNS server


this is more of a FYI post really. I found several posts about problems starting up the web interface on the forum, so maybe this is helpful:

If volumio is served either no DNS server or an invalid DNS server via DHCP or firewall prevents access to the DNS server volumio is trying to use, the web interface will not start or at least not respond. As soon as the DNS becomes available to volumio (i.e. firewall allow rule), the web interface will start to respond. However, it is not even necessary that volumio is able to reach the address it’s trying to resolve, meaning I can allow only DNS traffic but block rest of the network/internet access and it will work fine.

Maybe you guys want to check and fix that somewhere along the way.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.799 x86
Hardware: not relevant
DAC: not relevant