Waveshare's 7.9inch HDMI LCD Display - Capacitive Touch - 400x1280

I have a question about Waveshare’s “7.9inch HDMI LCD Display - Capacitive Touch - 400x1280”.
I’ve been looking for displays like this for a while to interface with my Raspberry Pi with Volumio. However, the problem with many of these types of screens is that mounting and finishing in a enclousure for a do-it-yourselfer is often difficult because there is no finishing edge (bezel) around the screen.
As a result, the saw edge of the housing, into which the screen falls, cannot be ‘obscured’.
Now in the photos this screen seems to have an edge so that it would fall just over the saw edge. But I can’t get this very clearly from the photos.
Perhaps the side where the flat cable runs can still cause problems?!
So my question, do you know if there is a bezel around the entire screen that falls over the cut-out hole of the panel or housing?
Are there fellow forum members who also use this screen? I like to hear it.

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I have this screen, and it’s a nightmare to mount.
You can’t use the “Edge” as on the other side is your HDMI connection, which goes over the edge.
If your front panel is no thicker than 1mm you might succeed, to create a gap, You have a margin of 1mm, so with some handtools it’s a tricky job.
I decided to mount the panel on top of my front panel and created a rim arround it. Other option is to place the front on top of the screen. But then again with just some handtools…

looks nice dear crafty work :slight_smile:

Oh that sucks to hear. I had
hoped that this screen was easy to build into a housing.

They should have made the outer rim a 5mm greater/wider, then it would be easy to do. but with 1mm margin almost not doable.

Not trying to de-rail your thread but is the touchscreen plugin+Peppymeter not available for x86?

Please place your questions in the correct topic. The forum has a search function to help.

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Yes I totally get what you mean. The 5mm would indeed be better. It sucks, because this screen is exactly what I’m looking for. Let’s see if there are other options. Thanks for your feedback.