Waveshare 3.5inch LCD RPI (B) rev2.0 on RPI3B+ for Volumio


I tried for days to install a Waveshare 3.5inch RPI LCD (B) rev2.0 on a RPI3B+, now with success.
Don´t find any guide here nor the web to install and set this hardware. So, as an absolutely Linux noob,
I wrote a script, don´t know if all commands in it are needed, but it works for me, hope it helps anyone.
Please report if I have to change anything.


Complete Volumio + RPI3B+ + Waveshare 3.5inch RPI LCD (B) Rev2.0 installation guide:

  1. Download (sorry no links because of forum newbie restriction max 2 links :roll_eyes:)
  • Volumio image
  • W32 Disk Imager
  • ws-35b-v2.sh
  1. Prepare SD-Card:
  • Write Volumio image using W32 Disk Imager,
  • Copy ws-35b-v2.sh on base directory of SD-Card.
  • Put prepared SD into RPI and power it up, headless: wait stop blinking green LED.
  1. Access WEB UI:
  • a) If LAN connection: type volumio.local in web browser. >> Go to step 4.

  • b) If WIFI connection only: take your smartphone, go to WIFI settings, disconnect from actual Network.

  • Connect to "Volumio"s own Hotspot, you are automatically forwarded to Volumios Web Interface.

  • If not, type Volumio initial IP in smartphone web browser, perform Network/WIFI settings.

  • RPI reboots automatically, smartphone loose volumio Network connection, reconnect phone to your home network.

  • Go to modem router, find out and pick up volumios new IP address.

  • Type IP address in Smartphone or PC web browser, in example

  1. Prepare LCD Touch
  • with smartphone or PC web browser, go to Volumios WEB UI
  • Go to Settings > Plugins Manager > Miscellanea, install “Touch Display Plugin” it takes about 5 minutes
  • Activate plugin, the display is not working for now.
  1. Run ws-35b-v2.sh script
  • type /dev at th end of volumios address, for LAN: volumio.local/dev, WIFI: in this example
  • For SSH rights click on SSH “ENABLE” button, nothing happens but you have already SSH
  • Run PuTTY, login as: volumio, password: volumio. Type (or copy and right click in PuTTY window) following command:

sudo sh /boot/ws-35b-v2.sh,

  • password: volumio

If succes, RPI is rebooting itself, after reboot the display is now working, enjoy.


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Thanks for this,
This guide might work also with rpi4?

Hi Lintbf,
can´t say because I don´t have RPI4 for testing it.
But I think it´s the same install procedure.
Do You want to try it out and report here?

I will be glad to do so but I do not have a lcd…

The guide from waveshare is quite complete…
Anyway nice work. It works with Pi4 like a charm…
I have the same screen and did another project…

Hi noiro, thanks for testing it on RPI4

I know this site but waveshare only offers 2 installation methods,

  • first, to run LCD35B-show-V2 script that is killing your volumio installation,
    I tried it a few time,
  • second, a 7.9 Gig. ready-to-use-image.

calibration.conf file from waveshare git hub, especially for 3.5 B V2,
needs a little modification that works for volumio, userconfig.txt too,
no indication of this on this website, quite frustrating for a beginner like me.

Nice projects, want get a closer look…

ws-35b-v2.sh is not avalible now (
Can U make a new link please?
Thank you!

Hi, sorry,

here it is >> ws-35b-v2.sh <<