Wake up alarm + sleep timer

Are there any plans to add a wake-up alarm and sleep timer to Volumio UI?

These two features are relatively easy to implement with CRON and will help out a lot of people like me who use Volumio for bedtime / alarm wake up listening purpose.

Right now I have a CROND doing both tasks but would be nice to have UI access to it.

There is something being built into Volumio 2, but as yet it has not been implemented properly.

Thank you for the update. I viewed through other feature requests, and the Wake Up / Sleep timer seems like the easiest of them to implement! Hoping it gets baked in to Volumio 2 soon.

You can use my calendar function for this: digital-hifi-musicplayer-t1774.html


Would be perfect to set the alarm by the day.
e.g. monday 7am; tuesday 8am; wednesday no alarm…