waiting for first wifi rebooting


After a few weeks without any troubleshooting, I had not been able to reconnect to my rasp pi 3 / hifiberry Dac + pro.
I think there has been a release of volumio client on my android phone. So I have done a complete release of my config :

  • flashed the card with last version of volumio : volumio-2.129-2017-03-23-pi
  • configuration (with no wifi pwd to test)

When i connect the phone, volumio wifi network is connecting perfectly, but when i try to configurate my room with volumio client, it ask me for the password (blank) ; display ‘waiting for first wifi rebooting’ ; and it’s the last thing that’s moving on the screen.

An idea ?

Which volumio client are you referring to?

Can you still access the Volumio UI with a normal browser?