VU meters like Dorrough

Greetings to all.
Tell me, has anyone done a screensaver with VU meters like Dorrough

It’s partial possible. I did a very rough test (like 5 minutes)
You can only define 1 range with 2 position regular and overload. The Bar function only run in square blocks. so every block in the circle will be cut in a straight line.




custom_1 (1280x400).zip (266.9 KB)

Thank you for the experiment. These bevels in the segments do not bother me. Please tell me how I can better draw for an ultra wide screen of 14.9" 3840X1100 or 12.6 inch 1920*515
Tell us how to change the configuration in the file? I want to make it to fit my resolution and screen size.

Apparently I’ll have to manually draw this indicator, since I can’t find a single clear picture. What do I need to know for this?

Similar to this, so that it works on a wide screen

you need to know this:

And get familiar with photoshop or (free)

As this is to time consuming I won’t do this one.

  • You need a decent picture, preferable with all segments off
  • You need copy all segments and put them into a new layer.
  • You need to darken the same segments from the starting picture
  • You need to lighten the copied segment, so they seem on
  • Safe them as name-bgr.png and name-indicator.png
  • Fine tune meters.txt

But it is hard to find a good picture, with enough details.