VOTE for Volumio next feature!

Hello Ladies and Gens,

As many of you know, Volumio is a co-designed piece of music-listening-enjoyment-software. So, we are very much looking forward to knowing your opinion on what feature should be developed next on MyVolumio and Volumio.

Please select the feature you would love to see the most in the coming months, and we will work hard to make it happen:

Vote here:
  • Improve the plugins section and make it like an app store
  • Multiroom Synchronized Playback to Volumio endpoints
  • Advanced DSP and Equalizer functionality with graphical editor
  • Soundcloud Integration
  • Stream Analog Input (like turntable) to other Volumio Devices
  • Stream current playback to browser
  • Create a section for recommended content from TIDAL, QOBUZ and other services
  • Curated Volumio podcast/radio channel/selected albums
  • Add sorting option in all sources (Files, TIDAL, QOBUZ )
  • Plex Integration
  • Add Lyrics showcase and improve Metadata and Credits
  • LastFM Scrobbling
  • Ability to send audio to Chromecast or Sonos devices
  • Radio channel reporting (for deleted and fake channels), and exclusive sections for high quality radio stations
  • Radio function like spotify to auto generate a playlist based on related songs
  • Suggestions for Similar Artists \ Albums
  • Integrate and aggregate non-musical content (audio books, podcasts, headspace)
  • Ability to pair and send audio to bluetooth speakers or headsets
  • Bandcamp integration
  • Idagio integration

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All of these ofc Monica. Some of these already have unofficial plugins such as LastFM scrobbling, and I thought multiroom synched playback was coming soon.

Personally, I would really like to see a period of stepping back from new features, and consolidating/bug fixing/polishing what is already here. Playlist maintenance/production/import. Music library control/sorting/search … I found out earlier this week that DLNA media is not included in searches. I would like Volumio to aspire to be a serious competitor to Roon in terms of it’s music management.


Your right about that, better a good working volumio… then a lot of plugins,
but the skin option of 2aCD would be nice in volumio :slight_smile:


+1 for skin option from 2acd and search option per source.


Alexa for German users would be nice… :neutral_face:

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that is already asked many times a good alexa …

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Indeed. When I open Qobuz i am not intrested in results from Tidal and Spotify. what is worse, i need to scroll through 40 pages, before I reach Qobuz


DSP, Soundcloud(for the love of god this was the one service that worked with everything before anything else now i can’t even Chromecast it anymore cries)

And less buggy interface, I’m looking at you and your friend clicking at a song and starting the one below or 2 rows below after 20 seconds.

If you add an good algorithm on top of that like soundclouds or back in the day before YouTube was broken I’ll name my first born Volumio or volumia

Multiroom is in the works as we speak :grin:


Oh! and thanks to all who are voting and giving it all these great suggestions!
We are carefully having a look at each comment and vote :muscle:

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Improve UX/UI and stability of the Web interface.


Larger artwork so we don’t have to keep hacking our own solutions :wink:


Wouldn’t you rather have artwork as background if your making it this big? I personally don’t care about the artwork… Mostly just playing webradio.

I’ve voted for synchronized multiroom playback. I’ve tried squeeze but that is a bit of a hassle and partly in an other interface… This feature has been requested and in the works since volumio 1.5. I hope this will work easier for everyone, could be a boost for volumio as a whole.

CamillaDSP like Moode Player would make it possible for advanced users to add many features, like headphone eq, headphone crossfeed, headphone virtualization, loudness etc.

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@MobeyDuck monica is testing it hopfully it comes in the new releases…

@monicaferreira maybe a idea but could we add labels to the buttons in the UI & plugin to help people that are blind navigate better true it al?

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I only use volumio with my chrome browser. This is because the andriod app is way too slow compared with the browser implementation. I’m looking forward to use the app in future when the app get refactored to be at least as performant as the browser version. I’d like to see improvements and bug fixes rather than new features. Nevertheless thank you very much for developing volumio, good work!


Another vote for a skin option


it’s a pity I had to chose only two :rofl:


Another vote for better UI and stability first.