VolumioX - small desktop App for Linux,Windows and macOS

Hello friends,

in my free time I created a small VolumioX app, it’s multi-platform and is available for Linux, Windows and macOS users.

With this app you will see what is now playing on your Volumio, volume level, if Volumio is now playing something and if Volumio is On or Off you can control Play/Pause, Prev, Next, Mute, Volume down, Volume up

Screenshot Linux Manjaro:

Screenshot macOS Catalina:

App for Linux is distributed by AppImage(64-bit)…so you don’t need install nothing, only make file executable and app is working (It’s for all Linux distributions which are newest than Ubuntu 14.04/-include/)
Debian, Arch, Fedora…
Download: AppImage

App for Windows is 64-bit installer
Download: Setup.zip

App for macOS:
Download: VolumioX.zip

Guide: in application Settings set up your volumio ip address and click OK and enjoy it. IP address must be in format without http:// …for example:

if you find some bugs please post it here…
enjoy it :slight_smile:


Tested with Ubuntu 20.04
Can you give some details about the code ?

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it’s created with QtCreator and C++ nothing difficult :slight_smile:

Today I created new icons for UI:

here is AppImage for Linux: AppImage

for better control volume (+ or - 1) you can use arrows…

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Works fine on iMac 21” 2019 with OSX 10.15, thanks a lot

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New GUI version for all operating systems here:
some screens:

Screenshot from 2020-06-29 20:20:02


Windows: VolumioX_Setup
macOS: VolumioX_macOS
Linux AppImage: VolumioX.appimage

Running good on Ubuntu 18.04. Nice, Thank you!!!

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Really looks a great little app! Thanks for doing it!

It needs a little bit of work for use on 4k monitors though:


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Looking at it, on a 4k screen, Windows 10 uses 150% scaling as the recommended/default option if that helps.

Otherwise its very tiny!