VolumioUI: How open a plugin configuration page from Button?

I want the Ok button of a modal window to open the Network settings page, here is my modal:

   var Mymodal = {
              title: 'TITLE',
              message: 'BLABLABLALBA',
              size: 'lg',
              buttons: [
                  name: 'Ok',
                  class: 'btn btn-info',
                  onClick: {<open the network settings page>}

I try to use something similar to “/volumio/app/mainmenu.json”:

{“id”: “network”, “name”: “TRANSLATE.MAIN_MENU.NETWORK”, “state”: “volumio.plugin”,“params”: {“pluginName”: “system_controller/network”}}

but I can’t figure out how to impliment it inside the modal structure.

I’m missing something :blush: